Cask Night @ The Common

13-04-17 18:00 - 21:00
The Common
Address: Cannot determine address at this location.

With our release of Pothole Porter approaching, the Common at the Forks will be hosting a cask release.

Half Pints will be bringing two casks: one of our Pothole Porter along with a cask of dry-hopped Little Scrapper. (Brewers can change their minds at the last minute, so we can’t say what will be placed in the Scrapper cask!)

If you’ve never had beer from a cask, it is a treat! All the carbonation happens within the vessel, no CO2 injections. The result is a smooth, subtle mouthfeel, loaded with flavours. Our man Eli will be tapping the first cask after 6pm, so make sure you come by!