Our brewers love many kinds of beers

and are known to make many different styles. 

Listed below are the styles currently available

either on draft or at growler bars, or (in some cases) both.

Bikey McBikeface Grapefruit Lager

4.5% alc./vol. 40 IBU

What do you get when you blend a hoppy lager with concentrated grapefruit juice?  Bikey McBikeface Grapefruit Lager! 

A pleasingly bitter, thirst quenching brew that’s too restrained to be an IPL and too rad to be a Radler.  Perfect for a post bike ride patio session.

On draft at the brewery and select bars; as well as growler stations across the city!


Pucker! Berliner Weisse

3.0% alc./vol. 8 IBU

Get ready for the first, large-scale kettle-sour beer from Half Pints!

By using a specific yeast added into the kettle; we allow the mash to sour over a 48hr period, then we boil and transfer as normal. The result is an Old German style, that is tart, refreshing, and light bodied, which lends itself well to pairings of fruit syrups.

We also do a “Mit Schuss” version (with syrup in German) at the taproom only!

Queer Beer Helles Lager

4.8% alc./vol. 10 IBU

Those who love easy-drinking, refreshing beer will be glad to hear that Queer Beer is back on the shelves. This bright, medium-bodied and slightly sweet brew finishes dry with a low hop bitterness.

As brewed in partnership with Pride Winnipeg, this beer will be here for a limited time. Get it while you can!

Pothole Porter

7.9% alc./vol. 17 IBU

Our famed and favourite Pothole Porter is back!

This Baltic Porter boasts some robust, toasty flavours. With a blend of pale; crystal; chocolate and melanoidin malts, this is a rich, dark blend set a base that is finished with UK Goldings hops.

With a smooth mouthfeel and flavours of molasses, tobacco and semi-sweet chocolate, this limited beer will banish the last of the winter away.

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