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    The Tipsy Cow
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    This November, both Torque Brewing and Half Pints Brewing Co. are releasing some tasty IPAs. What’s more is that their hoppy IPA (Rabbit Punch) and our new-world IPA (Hop Pun) both have little punching mascots.

    What better way to celebrate some delightfully punchy brews with a cask event? The Tipsy Cow will play host on Dec. 7th, so come on down and have a pint! Stay for some delicious local food and maybe even a round of “Rock-’em, Sock-’em Robots”!

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    Half Pints Brewing Co.
    550 Roseberry St., Winnipeg, MB

    The second annual “12 Beers of Christmas” event returns this December 23rd. Mark your calendars, we will be releasing limited amounts of some of our favourite beers from this year.

    We will have cellared beers; strong-ales; summer classics and more to be ready for you to take home for the impending holiday weekend. Bring a Growler (or two) and a Howler (or two) and get some beer for the Christmas dinners, parties, soirees, minglers, mixers, and whatnot that fill up December.

    Doors open at 11am, and taps will be pouring until the beers are gone. We will be posting beer changes as they happen, so stay tuned. Once a tap goes and the kegs are empty, we will be putting another seasonal on to replace it. Quantities are limited, so be sure to keep alert.

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