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    Victoria Inn (Brandon, MB)
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    The 6th Annual Brandon Beer Festival is happening on Saturday, April 8th this year. We will be serving some beer and talking about what’s going on with the brewery this year.

    Please come down and support Brandon’s “Food for Thought” charity by purchasing a ticket.

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    The Common
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    With our release of Pothole Porter approaching, the Common at the Forks will be hosting a cask release.

    Half Pints will be bringing two casks: one of our Pothole Porter along with a cask of dry-hopped Little Scrapper. (Brewers can change their minds at the last minute, so we can’t say what will be placed in the Scrapper cask!)

    If you’ve never had beer from a cask, it is a treat! All the carbonation happens within the vessel, no CO2 injections. The result is a smooth, subtle mouthfeel, loaded with flavours. Our man Eli will be tapping the first cask after 6pm, so make sure you come by!

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    King's Head Pub
    120 King St., Winnipeg MB

    Wingin’​ it for Parkinson’s was formed out of a desire to create an event which bridged two generations. The event itself is simple: Teams of five go through three round of wings and beer to claim The Wingin’​ it for Parkinson’s relay championship.

    We are committed to building a community that stands by the people fighting against Parkinson’s Disease and we achieve this by being intentionally local. By partnering with Winnipeg businesses who are willing to step out and join a cause, we are able to help those who are often left to battle this disease on their own.

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