We like answering your questions and sometimes, we are asked the same questions over and over. We will be delighted to answer some of the most commonly asked right here.

How can I rent a keg?

By clicking on the top Menu button labeled “Store”, you can connect online to a keg rental order. OR

You can call in an order over the phone, at (204)-832-PINT (7468). OR

You can come to the Taproom and speak to any of our bar staff and they will take your order.

What is included with a Keg Rental?

We will give you a chilled keg, along with a tap.

You will have to keep the keg cool either with ice in a bucket or in a keg fridge. Keep in mind, any damage to our equipment will cost you your damage deposit. When you rent a keg, you need a valid credit card for a damage deposit, so make sure you or your buddies play nice. (We know you will.)


Why is the rental for only 4 days?

Once a party rental is tapped, there is a limited amount of time to use the beer. As it is used, it slowly loses carbonation and next-day beer is flat. Keeping a keg beyond the rental agreement doesn’t ensure extra uses, only payment of a late fee.

To keep up with demand, we ask our kegs be returned within 4 business days from the date of rental. This is to ensure that they are cleaned and filled and ready for their next use.

Can I fill my own personal keg?

Yes! Please bring it down and we can fill it. It must have either the standard Sankey fittings, or be a Corni Keg (Pepsi or Coke style kegs), both of which we can fill. We will only fill 19L or 50L kegs.

What is a taproom?

A taproom is a place where a brewery is licensed to serve the alcohol it produces. When you order a beer from our taproom, it will only be Half Pints beer. We are not a restaurant, however we do offer light snacks for sale. Our occupancy is for 30 people.

Where can I buy your beer?

We are available for purchase at all MBLL locations in Winnipeg, Steinbach, Brandon, Gimli, Selkirk and Stonewall. We are listed in many vendors as well. You can always buy from the brewery. Check our beer listing pages, for information on where we are sold.

Are you gluten-free?

Unfortunately we are not. To be truly gluten-free, we would have to have no grain in our facility. Because of that, we cannot simply make one singular gluten-free beverage.

Are you in other provinces?

We are sold in vendors and liquor stores in Regina and Saskatoon, at the moment. Tell your Saskatchewan friends about us!

When are your tours?

Our tours are every Saturday at 1:00pm. They are free. They are under an hour long. There are no reservations, please arrive early enough to secure a spot on the tour. Tours are limited to 20 people. Please look at our Tour Page for more details.

Do you give prizes to socials?

Due to high demands, we no longer give prizes to socials. If you meant, “Do we donate beer to socials?”, then that answer is: Under Manitoba Law, we are not allowed to give away beer. No exceptions.

How do I clean my growler?

A simple hot water rinse and air-dry overnight will do the trick, if you’re planning on filling it up right away. For a deeper clean, use soap and be sure to scrub out anything from the bottom. If you’re a cleaning perfectionist, we do offer cleaning tablets, food-grade, safe for use on glassware for that extra, in-depth clean.

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