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News & New Arrivals

Saison De La Ceinture Flechee - We're down to the last few boxes of Saison at the brewery, and it's drinking really good right now. Thankfully good saison's age well and the Ceinture is a tasty one!

The Trinity Series- The brewery is almost sold out of this series, so get yours soon.

The Trinity Chalice - Special beers require a special glass, and nothing fits the Trinity brews better than our golden chalice, specifically chosen to highlight the aroma and flavours in these brews.

Queer Beer - We've kegged lots of it for the festival site on the weekend of June 13/14 at The Forks. If there happens to be any kegs left at the end of the Pride festivities, we'll make sure to have it on the growler filler shortly thereafter.

Half Pints/Black Bridge Brewery Collaboration - We've been working on putting together a collaboration with the folks from Black Bridge Brewing in Swift Current, Saskatchewan. We've brewed a beer called Interprovincial SMaSH, using El Dorado hops from Black Bridge's tickle trunk of hops, and Malteurope 2 Row Barley from Winnipeg.

Heiðrún's Sweet Mead

This specialty mead will be coming down the pipeline in about 4 weeks, depending on when the labels show up.

From the description:

This sweet sparkling mead pays homage to Norse mythology. Heiðrún the goat eats the foliage off a sacred tree in Valhalla and supplies the fallen warriors who reside there with an endless supply of the clearest mead for their enjoyment. Our mead uses only the finest unpasteurized and unfiltered Manitoba wildflower honey. It has a thick, sweet body with a crisp finish due to the sparkling carbonation. While it is enjoyable now, with age it will continue to prove its character for many years to come.