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News & New Arrivals

This year's Manitoba intern/brewing student placement is Joshua Berscheid and he'll be starting on the brewery floor in a couple weeks. Joshua will be entering his 2nd year of brewing school at Olds College Alberta in the fall. Until then, he's going to get a full working of the brewery from delivery to designing and brewing his own beer.

Check the tweets and facebook, because we're hiring one position. We're looking for someone with mechanical aptitude for the brewery floor.

Saison De La Ceinture Flechee - Saturday, February 28th, the Saison made it's return the the shelves at the brewery, and has been delivered out to Liquor Marts. The brewery still has lots of stock if you're on the hunt for it.

Pothole Porter- Arrived March 28th at the brewery. The LC's are now fully stocked with 650 ml. bottles, and some even have it available for growler fills.

The Trinity Series- As many of you have guessed from the shot of the packaging we put out on Twitter, The Trinity Series makes it's triumphant return after a 6 year absence. The beers have gone thru the traditional yeast harvesting techniques unique to the series. Initially the yeast comes from two different Belgian monasteries with long histories of producing beer. It is then cultured up in The Father, harvested to brew The Son, and harvested from The Son to brew The Holy Spirit. We'll be releasing the beers in a mixed 6 pack format on May 16th, 2015 at the brewery and into the LC's the week after.

The Holy Spirit - our Witbier and the third member of the Trinity 6 pack will be available in growler format starting on April 30, 2015 at the brewery.

The Trinity Chalice - Special beers require a special glass, and nothing fits the Trinity brews better than our golden chalice, specifically chosen to highlight the aroma and flavours in these brews. A small production run of them are available at the brewery starting on April 30th, 2015.

Queer Beer - Pride Winnipeg's Queer Beer is already brewed and lagering, awaiting its annual return for the weeks leading up to their events. It will arrive the first week of May, 2015 for sale at the brewery, and shortly thereafter in the LC's. We'll keg lots of it for the festival site on the weekend of June 13/14 at The Forks.

Black Galaxy - June(ish) - One of Canada's highest rated Black IPA's will return in June for another run at glory. We'll have an extended run for growlers and bottles so hopefully it lasts longer than a week this time around.