With this series, we plan to combine our creativity

and expertise to produce a unique experience for

any lover of beer.

Our brewmaster, Chris Young,

is paired with one of our staff members

to concoct a one-of-a-kind test batch of beer.

Every Sunday, beginning in January, we will be releasing

our hand-crafted test batch beers from the Taproom.

Try a beer, collect a stamp for your passport (available at the Taproom).

Earn enough stamps and be eligible to win a plethora of prizes,

including a chance to brew your very own beer at Half Pints!

April 8th: Blonde Stout

Brewers: Chris & Dave

Blonde on Blonde [Stout]

Dave is a man of many talents, brewing being an important one. As someone who is as comfortable in the kitchen as he is at the brew kettle, Dave has concocted a hybrid style of stout. The aim of getting a roasty flavor without the dark body (which means not using roasted malts) was a tricky task.

Using a blend of cold brewed coffee and horchata, as well as almond milk and lactose, (three milks, get it?) this beer has a smooth foundation to begin. Adding vanilla for an accent of flavour and a few hops for bittering, this stout will be the lightest you’ve ever seen.

Please fill out the entry form in the back of your passport and submit to the Taproom

Entries accepted until Saturday, April 14th at 11pm

Passports with 8 or more stamps will be entered to win the BREW YOUR OWN TEST BATCH prize

Passports with less than 8 stamps will be entered to win prizes such as sweet merch; great gift cards and neato keg-rentals

Must be of legal drinking age to enter.

What did we make last week? Did your favourite staff member already present their brew? Find out the answer to those questions by following the link

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