With this series, we plan to combine our creativity

and expertise to produce a unique experience for

any lover of beer.

Our brewmaster, Chris Young,

is paired with one of our staff members

to concoct a one-of-a-kind test batch of beer.

Every Sunday, beginning in January, we will be releasing

our hand-crafted test batch beers from the Taproom.

Try a beer, collect a stamp for your passport (available at the Taproom).

Earn enough stamps and be eligible to win a plethora of prizes,

including a chance to brew your very own beer at Half Pints!

May 20th: Coconut Pale Ale

Brewers: Chris & Sheldon D.

I’ve Got A Lovely Bunch of Coconut [Pale Ale]

The culmination of our first ever Staff Series has resulted in a beer with a unique twist. Sheldon Drury, who is a farmer by trade, spends a lot of his time outdoors. In the desire to both quench thirst (and to transport oneself away to sandy beaches), Sheldon has concocted a pale ale recipe with coconut.

Using a foundation of pale and Melanoidin malts, the addition of malted oats adds a smoothness to the body of the beer. Then, additions of Idaho 7 and Eukanot hops impart a distinct bright and tropical aroma and taste. Flaked coconut was added after fermentation as the last component of thematic, island flavour.

We hope you are transported away to tropical climes as you sip this contest-winning beer!


Sheldon D.’s

Maui Wowie Pale Ale

Will be on tap this Sunday, May 20th! Please come down to try some!

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