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News & New Arrivals

Dead Ringer

Our Belgian IPA that we make for the CycloCross Nationals here in Winnipeg is now on the shelves. Make sure you block out some time the weekend of October 23/24 to join us at the beer tents at The Forks.


Our explosively hoppy wheat beer is now available at the brewery store in bottles only. Limited availability. The beer will hit some of our accounts on draught as well.

Heiðrún's Sweet Mead

From the description:

This sweet sparkling mead pays homage to Norse mythology. Heiðrún the goat eats the foliage off a sacred tree in Valhalla and supplies the fallen warriors who reside there with an endless supply of the clearest mead for their enjoyment. Our mead uses only the finest unpasteurized and unfiltered Manitoba wildflower honey. It has a thick, sweet body with a crisp finish due to the sparkling carbonation. While it is enjoyable now, with age it will continue to prove its character for many years to come.

Grey Cup Festival 2015, November 23-29th

Unless you've been living in a hole, you know we're one of three beer sponsors for this year's Grey Cup Festival. And while that doesn't mean you can buy our beer at the game (boo-urns), it does mean that we'll be at every beer friendly related event leading up to the big game. So get your trap door long undies on and get the hell out of the house to sports with us around town.

Annual Brewery Open House - December 5, 2015

Our Annual Open House is a great way to meet the folks at the brewery, sample some goodies, try to best our top score on the "Back To The Future" Pinball machine, or make your mark on the vintage Tetris. We'll be giving free brewery tours at 10am, 1pm, and 3pm. Come check out your favourite local craft brewery and let your beer geek flag fly!

Growler/Howler fills on open house day: we will have 2 stations set up with some special brews we've been aging for the Annual Open House. So far, the Simcoe Spruce, Isolator, and Demeter's Harvest are confirmed.